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Seasonal Camping 101 - Why is Seasonal Camping in Ohio is so Popular?

Are you seeking a hassle-free way to enjoy the RV lifestyle? If so, seasonal camping at Lake Wapusun RV Resort might be the perfect solution. As RV sales soar, more enthusiasts are discovering the appeal of seasonal camping and the convenience it offers.


So, what exactly is seasonal camping?

It entails renting a long-term spot at a campground, sometimes leaving your RV there even when you're not present. For some, this means choosing a campground close to home, while others opt for a favorite destination, regardless of distance.

Seasonal camping at Lake Wapusun entails reserving a single campsite for an extended period, granting you the freedom to come and go as you please amidst the serene beauty of the lake. Rates and schedules for seasonal camping can vary significantly from one campground to another, so some research is necessary to find the perfect fit for your family.



But why would any discerning RV traveler opt for a single campsite at Lake Wapusun for an entire year? Here are five compelling reasons why seasonal camping at Lake Wapusun might be the perfect choice, even for those with an insatiable thirst for adventure:

  1. Homeowners Association Restrictions: Many individuals belong to Homeowners Associations that prohibit the storage of recreational vehicles in driveways or yards. If you're already shelling out for storage fees, consider the cost-effectiveness of a seasonal spot at Lake Wapusun—it may not be much more expensive than storage alone.

  2. Increased Camping Opportunities: For many RV enthusiasts, the primary goal is to camp more. If you relish your time at Lake Wapusun but find it challenging to plan and reserve spots in advance, a seasonal site eliminates the hassle—your RV is parked and ready whenever you are.

  3. Limited Vacation Time: With the disappearance of the two-week family vacation from many workplaces, and the struggle to secure even a long weekend off, a seasonal campsite at Lake Wapusun becomes invaluable. It allows you to maximize your brief respites from the daily grind.

  4. Minimized Setup and Breakdown: Weekend getaways can feel even shorter when weighed down by preparation and cleanup tasks. With a seasonal site at Lake Wapusun, your RV is set up and waiting upon your arrival, and there's no need to rush off on Sunday mornings—sleep in and savor that cup of coffee without worrying about checkout times.

  5. Proximity to Preferred Locations: If Lake Wapusun is your preferred lakeside retreat, having your rig parked in your happy place close to home is the epitome of convenience. With its serene waters and scenic surroundings, Lake Wapusun offers the perfect backdrop for your seasonal camping experience.



Is seasonal camping right for you? It might be if:

  1. You enjoy spontaneous trips to the campground. Say goodbye to scrambling for last-minute reservations; a seasonal spot ensures you always have a place to retreat.
  2. Weekend camping prep drains your energy. Bid farewell to the Friday rush; with a seasonal spot, packing up becomes a breeze.
  3. Off-site storage costs weigh on you. If storing your RV elsewhere incurs expenses, a seasonal campsite could be a cost-effective alternative.
  4. Community living appeals to you. Whether you seek camaraderie or solitude, the social aspect of a campground community offers a unique experience.
  5. You dream of an affordable vacation home. With a seasonal campsite, you can enjoy a getaway near your favorite destinations, coupled with the flexibility to venture off-site.


Curious about finding the perfect seasonal campground?

  1. Choose a place you love returning to, considering location, amenities, campsites, and overall ambiance.
  1. Conduct thorough research and ask pertinent questions about the park's long-term experience. Customer experience is Lake Wapusun's #1 priority.
  2. Explore the surrounding area to ensure it aligns with your preferences and needs. Don't forget to take a look at all the events and activities Lake Wapusun has to offer every weekend!
  3. Test the waters with a trial run, renting a spot for a few weeks to gauge the experience. Lake Wapusun RV Resort offers special rates for campers looking to test the waters before securing your seasonal lot.
  4. Calculate costs meticulously, factoring in all expenses and understanding the terms of the agreement. Most seasonal spots in Ohio cost upwards of $3,000. At Lake Wapusun, we offer a variety of different affordable prices starting at $2,150 for the whole family!

With Lake Wapusun RV Resort as your seasonal camping destination, you're guaranteed an exceptional experience tailored to your preferences. Say hello to hassle-free RV-ing and embrace the joy of seasonal camping at Lake Wapusun.


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