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Foodies & Food Trucks
Discover a delectable world of culinary delights at Lake Wapusun's Foodie Truck Haven. Savor the flavors of diverse cuisines, from mouthwatering street tacos to gourmet burgers, all while enjoying the picturesque lakeside ambiance.
Crazy Nates BBQ | May 10 & June 7-8
Specializes in smoked meats and everything BBQ. Indulge in smoky, succulent goodness on wheels, where every bite is a flavorful journey to barbecue heaven!
Amish Country Pizza | May 26 & July 26-27
Experience the rich and authentic flavors of the heartland with Amish Country Pizza's mouthwatering creations, where tradition meets the perfect slice on wheels!
Fine Wine & Creative Design (21+) | April 20
Join us for an evening of exquisite wine and artistic inspiration with Fine Wine and Creative Designs – where your palette and creativity unite to craft an unforgettable experience. For Adults 21 years and older
Fathers Day Breakfast | June 16
Start Father's Day right with a hearty breakfast fit for a king, where we celebrate dads with delicious dishes and a side of love.
Mothers Day Breakfast | May 12
Make Mother's Day extra special with a delightful breakfast that celebrates the queens of our hearts – a morning of love, laughter, and mouthwatering dishes!