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Unveiling the Best Day Trips Near Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Exploring Ohio's Hidden Gems

Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Ohio, Lake Wapusun RV Resort offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. While your stay at the resort promises serenity and relaxation, you might be itching to explore the treasures that surround this hidden gem. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the best day trips near Lake Wapusun RV Resort, helping you uncover Ohio's hidden gems and enriching your experience at our resort.

Day Trip 1: Maumee Bay State Park

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 30 miles

Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, Maumee Bay State Park is a stunning natural haven offering a range of activities. Explore the park's hiking and biking trails, enjoy birdwatching, or take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores. The park also features an 18-hole golf course and a nature center, making it an ideal day trip destination for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Day Trip 2: Toledo Zoo

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 35 miles

If you're traveling with family or have a passion for wildlife, the Toledo Zoo is a must-visit. Home to over 10,000 animals representing 720 species, it's a paradise for animal lovers. Stroll through beautifully landscaped exhibits featuring creatures from around the world. The zoo's mission of conservation and education provides an enriching experience for visitors of all ages.

Day Trip 3: Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 20 miles

Known as one of Ohio's most unique natural areas, the Oak Openings Preserve Metropark is a testament to the state's natural diversity. It's famous for its rare plants, oak savannas, and diverse wildlife. Explore the park's hiking trails, discover native flora and fauna, and soak in the beauty of Ohio's natural landscapes.

Day Trip 4: Malabar Farm State Park

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 28 miles

Experience the charm of Malabar Farm State Park, known as the former home of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield. Explore the historic Big House, lush gardens, and picturesque landscapes. It's an excellent day trip for history and nature enthusiasts alike.

Day Trip 5: Ohio Amish Country

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 20-30 miles

Travel back in time to Ohio's Amish Country, where you can experience the simple, yet rich traditions of the Amish community. Enjoy handcrafted goods, delicious Amish cuisine, and learn about their unique way of life.

Day Trip 6: Ohio State Reformatory

Distance from Lake Wapusun RV Resort: Approximately 30 miles

Step into the past and visit the historic Ohio State Reformatory, known for its stunning architecture and history. Take a guided tour to explore the prison's fascinating past, including its use as a film location for famous movies.


Your stay at Lake Wapusun RV Resort promises tranquility and relaxation, and the surrounding region offers an array of enticing day trip options all within 30 miles. Whether you're into nature, history, wildlife, or exhilarating rides, there's something for everyone just a short drive from the resort. Plan your day trips and explore the hidden gems of Ohio, making your stay at Lake Wapusun RV Resort even more memorable and enriching.

So, don't miss the opportunity to venture beyond the resort's borders and immerse yourself in the diverse offerings of Ohio. Your adventures await, and they're closer than you might think!


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